Identity Manager SAP HR Driver and Validity Dates

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  • 09-Aug-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager Driver - SAP HR


Wants to add Validity Start and End dates to the driver.  This is working for P0105 'communication' type files, i.e. e-mail and mobile phone, however P0006:TELNR:4 (office number) or  P0006:STATE:4 (building) are not working.
The documentation says:
"This Subscriber channel parameter specifies how Beginning and Ending validity dates are set on newly created Communication record instances on employees. There are two modes of operation available. For more information on the functionality of the various modes of operation"

Does that mean it can only be done on Communication records?


Essentially, the ability to set new validity begin and end dates is a "Create" operation for infotype data.  The SAP HR driver does not allow the addition of new rows of infotype 0006 (Address) data.  Since the BAPI calls the driver uses do not allow the driver to set all field values, there would have been a high probability that data would be lost if new rows were added that could not utilize the data in the previous value.  The driver therefore allows only Change operations on infotype 0006 and 0002 data.  This is documented.  We allow this on Infotype 0105 data because we CAN set all possible fields (1) of the data row.