Identity Manager Lotus Notes Reading an Organization Policy when Creating a User

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  • 30-Jul-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager Driver - Lotus Notes


Is it possible to have the Notes driver read an Organizational Policy and apply it when creating users in notes?


The Notes driver does not execute Notes policies.

Additional Information

The policy is only effective for users created in the native Domino registration process.  You have to use (register users via) the Domino Administrator client, for the Notes policies to be executed.
There is a setting on the driver to list a Domino Policy.  However, it won't use the policy when creating a user.  The custom driver parameter is "notes-policy-name" and it attaches an explicit Notes policy name to a Notes person document during the registration process.  The documentation states the following regarding this custom parameter:
"Specifies an explicit policy name to attach to a user when the user is registered. This attribute does not execute Notes registration policies or any other policies at registration time. Requires Notes 6.0.3 or later."
When Notes policies were architected by Lotus for Notes 6, a Notes policy API was not (and has not been) included in the Java (nor C, nor C++) API.  A change to the way the driver works cannot be done until an API is provided from Lotus Notes.