ZLM agent keeps restoring old deviceid/secret on SLES 11 and SLED 11 platforms

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  • 29-Jul-2010
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management - ZLM7.3


On SLE 11 platforms (sles/sled) the zlm agent (zmd) keeps restoring the same deviceid/secret files after they are deleted and the agent restarted (instead of creating new unique values). 


This happens when the device was previously registered with NCC (through Yast).  The ZLM agent will see if the file:
'/etc/zypp/credentials.d/NCCcredentials' exits, if it does it will use those credentials as the deviceid/secret files.
In order to overcome this problem delete the NCCcredentials file, along with the deviceid/secret. You may also need to remove the 'nu.novell.com' service if it is listed as a service on that device (for instance: 'rug sd 1').