IDM drivers stopping intermittently

  • 7006483
  • 21-Jul-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Identity Manager 3.5.1
eDirectory 8.8.3
SLES 10 SP 1


The customer had a large ID Vault populated with eDir-eDir, JDBC and LDAP drivers. Intermittently, one or more drivers would stop processing events. If the driver was stopped from iManager, it would hang in the "stopping driver" state. The driver could be stopped from the command line with DXCMD, but it would not start again from DXCMD or iManager.
If ndsd was restarted it would resolve the problem, then the driver could be started and would work fine until the next occurrence of the problem. It was noted that the drivers seemed to take a lot longer to start than they had previously.


There was no evident problem in the IDM traces but there were many more ndsd threads than in a normal environment.
The auditing log was configured to point to a Sentinel server that did not exist. This configuration was added for future use but the server had not been added.
/etc/logevent.conf was reconfigured and the auditing package was removed and there were no further problems with the IDM drivers stopping or being slow to start.