Screen Share of OpenOffice Presentation shows blank or black screen

  • 7006461
  • 16-Jul-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Conferencing Hosted
Novell OpenOffice

OpenOffice installed on a Windows workstation
Novell Conferencing screen share plug-in installed and can share desktop.


When screen sharing a full screen OpenOffice Impress Slide Show attendees see a "blank" or black screen instead of the slides.
Problem inconsistent when sharing from different machines.


This has to do with the configuration of individual machines in how they handle hardware acceleration (which Open Office now supports as a default).  Many screen capture devices, don’t work when an application uses hardware acceleration because, depending on the machine, the graphics card may bypass the OS (where the capture driver runs) and write directly to the display.

Corrective Steps:
Save as a PDF and upload it to the conference and use “Share Presentation”
Save as PPT and upload it to the conference and use “Share Presentation”

Workaround Steps:
  1. Start OpenOffice Impress
  2. Select Tools | Options from the Menu toolbar
  3. In the Options window select “View”
  4. By default the option for “Use Hardware Acceleration” (see below) is checked or active.

  5. Uncheck “Use Hardware Acceleration”
  6. Choose OK
  7. Close Open Office Impress and restarted it again
  8. If already screen sharing, stop sharing, reopen the presentation in Slide Show mode, and restart the screen share again.