Live Transfer job fails when setting controller on source with error "Failed to find out, if .Net 2.0 is installed".

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  • 09-Jul-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


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This article discusses information about a live transfer migration job failing when “Setting up controller on source server” step with following error:

“Failed to find out, if .Net 2.0 is installed. Exception: The semaphore timeout period has expired”
The above issue occurs if the source OS is Windows 2003 and it is across a slow network with considerable latency.  When checking the status of OFX controller on source machine, PortabilitySuite/Migrate/Protect/Forge tries to connect to remote registry to get the required info. Due to network latency, timeout occurs when waiting for a response from the remote registry on source machine. The underlying reason for the timeout is networking feature (TCPChimney Offload) introduced in Windows 2003. Third-party vendors cannot connect to the Windows networking stack by using undocumented APIs when TCP Chimney offload is enabled. The same was identified as an issue by Microsoft and a hotfix was released to implement a fix.


There is more than one possible solution for this issue, as listed below. However, based on NIC features, #1 might apply or not.

1.       Disable any kind of offloading feature (E.g., TCP/IP Offload) supported by the NIC on the source machine.

2.       If the source OS is Windows 2003 SP1, then apply Microsoft hotfix 912222 or Service Pack 2. Once applied, run the following command to disable TCPChimney Offload:

Netsh int ip set chimney DISABLED

3.       If the source OS is Windows 2003 SP2 or hotfix 912222 is already applied, then just run the command to disable TCPChimney Offload:

Netsh int ip set chimney DISABLED

Once the above is done, run another live transfer job for the same source workload and it should successfully setup the controller on source machine.


Additional Information

Link to Microsoft KB article 912222: