Sentinel collectors return error "Duplicate connection mode for application 'MSWinEventLog'.".

  • 7006407
  • 07-Jul-2010
  • 12-Jul-2013


Novell Log Manager 1.0
Novell Sentinel RD
Novell Sentinel 6.1


When trying to use a Microsoft Active Directory (MAD) collector as well as a windows collector on the same Collector Manager (CM) the following error is shown:

Duplicate connection mode for application 'MSWinEventLog'.

Until both collectors are used a single collector will work properly.


This is working as designed.  Customers wishing to use both of these collectors should just use the MAD collector as it is contains all of the windows collector's events plus more so the functionality will be the same.  Event sources can be named to show if they are pointing to a machine in a domain or a plain windows machine.

This has been resolved in Sentinel v6.1 IR5