How to move a GroupWise Post Office to a different Volume on the same server.

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  • 02-Jul-2010
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Novell GroupWise 8


Post Office is running out of disk space and their isn't room to add another physical drive. 
How to move the post office to a different volume on the SAN ?


One method is to use dbcopy while the agents are running.  This can have an I/O performance hit with users in the system.  Then when the planned outage occurs, take the agents down and run dbcopy again and it will do an incremental copy of the data, getting only the items that have changed. 
From the NW Server prompt: 
With the agents up (first pass of dbcopy).
For the post office:
dbcopy.nlm /m /p /f \post_office_source_directory \po_destination_directory
/m  migration and will copy all files and directories
/p  post office copy
/f  first pass of dbcopy
Then during the scheduled outage with the agents down (second pass)
dbcopy.nlm /m /p /s \post_office_source_directory \po_destination_directory
same as above except
/s second pass of dbcopy
If your server has multiple IP addresses you will want to use the /a ###.###.###.###  switch as well. 
Another option of using DBCopy is to just run it one time with the agents down. 
dbcopy.nlm /m /p \post_office_source_directory \po_destination_directory
using only the /m and /p - and possibly the /a if necessary.
If you need to copy the domain:
dbcopy.nlm /m /d \domain_source_directory \domain_destination_directory
Entering dbcopy from a NetWare console prompt will display the help screen with all available switches and their description and usage.
Linux and Windows would be similar, running dbcopy with the same switches.

Additional Information

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