iPrint User Printers fail with Citrix Universal Print Driver

  • 7006388
  • 03-May-2012
  • 21-Jan-2013


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


When operating within a published desktop or published application and trying to print to an iPrint printer (User Printer), the "Print" button is disabled (grayed out). 

Note:  The iPrint printer is installed to the user machine, not the Citrix server.


Install the Citrix client version 13.3.100 or later. 
If an older Citrix client must be used, configure Citrix to not use the Citrix Universal Print Driver, but to rather use the native driver.  Normally, choosing the native driver option would require the administrator to install every make/model printer used by each of the iPrint printers.  This can be management burden.  To avoid this burden, Novell suggests installing one print driver to the Citrix server which can be used by all printers, such a the Xerox Global Driver fits that requirement.  Novell has yet to find a make/model printer which does not work well with the Xerox Global Driver.  Also, be sure to associate the Xerox Global Driver to all iPrint printers which will be used in the Citrix environment. 
Note:  If a 500 error is returned while uploading the Xerox Global Driver, see KB 7007340.

Additional Information

This problem does not occur if the iPrint printer is installed as a workstation iPrint printer.  To understand the difference between an iPrint User printer and an iPrint workstation printer, see KB 7003285.

This problem also does not occur if a driver other than the Citrix Universal Print Driver is assigned to the printer.  When the iPrint printer is installed to the user workstation, the Citrix technology will see that locally installed printer within the published desktop or application.  Citrix has the option use the Citrix Universal Print Driver or to use the native driver.  If the native driver is used, then whichever print driver is associated to the iPrint printer will be  used.  Keep in mind that that particular driver must also be installed on the Citrix server.  If Citrix UPD  is configured to be used, then regardless of which driver is associated to the iPrint printer, the Citrix UPD will be used.

The advantage of the Citrix UPD is that the administrator does not need to install every iPrint printer used driver to the Citrix server.  The workaround listed in the Resolution of this TID works well because only one driver needs to be installed to the Citrix server.