Windows incremental job hangs connecting to port 3725 during Copying Catalog or Copying Volumes step

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  • 30-Jun-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


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This article discusses the issue where previously working incremental transfer jobs hang at the Copying Catalog or Copying Volumes step with the error:

File transfer stalled: Unable to connect to port 3725


First confirm that port 3725 is open between the target and source servers.

This issue can occur if the PlateSpin Operations Framework Controller (ofxcontroller) service on the source crashed some time during the previous incremental job. This leaves the ofxcontrollerexecution.exe process running on the source, which stays bound to port 3725. Upon the next incremental job, the newly spawned ofxcontrollerexecution.exe process cannot bind to port 3725.

To resolve this issue:

1. Open Task Manager on the source server.

2. End any instances of ofxcontrollerexecution.exe. (The job will fail at this point)

3. Restart the incremental job.

To avoid the crash of the ofxcontroller on the source server, install the following Microsoft Hotfix: