How to manually re-certify an agent's certificate

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  • 28-Jun-2010
  • 01-Jun-2016


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Every 24 hours, the agent re-certifies it's certificates and license. There are times when you might want to force a re-certify manually. For example, after a new license has been applied.


To re-certify an agent's certificate, edit the /opt/netiq/npum/service/local/service.xml and add the following to the Service xml tag as an attribute:

For example:
<Service i.port="29120" host="" ou="0,1" name="sd148"........">

After inserting the i.needs_recertify attribute to the Service xml tag:
<Service i.needs_recertify='1' i.port="29120" host="" ou="0,1" name="sd148"........">

After editing the service.xml file, please restart unifid:
/etc/init.d/npum restart

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