Installing Teaming on SLES with the database on MS SQL Server on Windows Server

  • 7006333
  • 23-Jun-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Teaming 2.x:  Running on Suse Linux Enterprise Server
Database:  MS SQL Server Running on Windows Server


While going through the Teaming installation on SLES, if the database is MS SQL Server running on Windows, admins see an error message when a database is selected and its path is entered in the JDBC connection URL. The installer is unable to connect to this remote MS SQL server and verify its existence. Further if you ignore the error, the installer cannot connect to the database server to create the database and add tables to it.


The resolution of this issue is to manually setup the database on MS SQL Server. Here are the steps:

1. In the installer kit, there is a zip file called
2. Unzip and open subfolder "create"
3. There is a SQL script here called create-database-sqlserver.sql that is to be run manually on the database server using a tool like Enterprise Manager for SQL server. This script will create a database called "sitescape" with all the required tables for Teaming.
4. Now run the installer on SLES. Choose the option that states that the database has already been created. You will get an error immediately after database selection which can be ignored.
5. When the installation is completed, run Teaming.

If you able to connect to the Teaming site and can see the login box, the installation is successful.