File Transfer hangs at 1% Copying Volume Data from Source to Target

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  • 23-Jun-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


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When running an incremental replication or server sync migration, the data copy stage does not proceed past a progress of 1%.  A file-based replication/miigration method is in use. 


In order to resolve this issue there are several options:
1. Reduce the number of files on the source machine
2. Leave a volume out of the workload/migration configuration (this can be extended into a multiple step procedure where only 1 or 2 volumes are copied at a time, to reduce the amount of data being sent)
3. If a license is available, use a block-based replication/migration method

Additional Information

There is a known limit to the number of files the OFXControllerExecution.exe process can handle.  As the number of files being transferred increases past 500,000 there will be delays in the start of the data transfer portion of the job.  Additionally, there could be failures due to the source machine running out of available memory.
As the file count approaches 1,000,000 files there is a high probably that this job will never succeed.  Even if enough resources are available for the OFXControllerExecution.exe process to catalog the files, the amount of time taken will reduce the amount of time available to transfer.  If there is a low amount of bandwidth, this delay can mean that the job will not finish within 24-hours, which is the uptime threshold for WinPE (and thus a hard stop on how long a file-based migration can take)