Password Synchronization Filters option does not list all Domain Controllers

  • 7006237
  • 07-Jun-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager - Password Synchronization
Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1
Novell Identity Manager 3.6
Novell Identity Manager 3.5.1
Novell Identity Manager Driver - Active Directory


Some Domain Controllers are no listed on the Filter option of the Control Panel applet Identity Manager PassSync.   A remote loader trace of the an AD driver located on the box starting up may also show errors such as GetPDCName() - NetGetDCName() failed (0x00000995) or other related errors.


Two things may cause some domain controllers to not be listed.  The first is the rights of the user that is logged into the server running the Control Panel applet.  Logging out and then logging in as a Domain Admin may resolve the problem.
Another problem which may happen when the Microsoft call the applet uses to get the list of Domain Controllers does not work.  The command used is called DsGetDcName.  If this command does not return a correct listing of Domain Controllers, some may be missing in the applet Filters list.  To correct this problem and to also understand how it works, please refer to Microsoft documents.  One helpful Microsoft document is called "How Domain Controllers Are Located in Windows" found at