Quicktask bundle install for applications installs to zenworks_home directory not user directory

  • 7006204
  • 03-Jun-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Zenworks Configuration Management 10.2.2
Zenworks Configuration Management 10.3.1


Created bundle windows application using the macro ${Desktop} for putting things on the users desktop.
When pushing out the bundle assigned to the user by regular means it will go into the 
c:\Documents and setting\<username>\Desktop directory.
Quicktask pushing out the same bundle will go into the directory


This is actually working as designed.
When launching the bundle using quicktask, it gets launched as part of the zenworks process which is running in system space. Hence the %zenworks_home\${Desktop}.
The ${Desktop} variable which is defined in this case will not be resolved to user and it will be installed in the zenworks space.

In the case above, action is run as system. If the action is set to run as
logged in user, the action should run in the user space.

Bundles launched by user and launched by quicktasks are launched in
different sessions, (the first in user session and the other in device session)