SiteScape Forum advanced avf.conf settings

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  • 03-Jun-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Forum / SiteScape Forum 8.x
SiteScape Forum 7.x
SiteScape Forum 6.x


Various advanced settings including some extended debugging options which can be added to SiteScape Forum's avf.conf file as needed. If you are unsure about one of the settings, please consult Novell Support.


# Sets wf_admin as a global superuser
set Wgw_BaseProps(site.superuser) wf_admin

# Reduce/Increase the number of dispatchers 
set Wgw_BaseProps(dispatcher.residents) 8

# Flushes dispatchers after 50 transactions
set Wgw_BaseProps(dispatcher.flushcount) 50

# Turns on extended email notification logging
set Wgw_BaseProps(notification.logging) 9

# Turns on extended logging  for broker (background jobs)
set Wgw_BaseProps(broker.loglevel) 10

# Turns on performance logging
set Wgw_BaseProps(dispatcher.txperf) 1

# Rebrands product name to 'WebWorkZone'
global forum_version
set forum_version(product_name) WebWorkZone

#Turns off caching, so after logging out, can't use browser back button
set Wgw_BaseProps(http.cache_control) "private, no-cache, no-store"

#A number of cookie strengthening settings
set Wgw_BaseProps(authenticator.policy) cookie_revokable_md5
set Wgw_BaseProps(authenticator.cookie_salt) mj876hY2B
set Wgw_BaseProps(authenticator.cookie_secret_1) Bls0394nsiusnfneyqKIpf0484nFpfdusKj8hjhHGljkdypqm78NB
# The "httpOnly" flag is IE-specific, but constrains the access to the cookie to
# the HTTP connection stuff -- no access to the cookie from JavaScript
# Only if always using SSL
set Wgw_BaseProps(authenticator.cookie_trailer) ";secure; httpOnly"

# Semi-permanent cookies
# This makes a permanent cookie with some eventual timeout.
# Note: WRITES COOKIE TO DISK! Cookie is not discarded when you
# shut down the browser.
set Wgw_BaseProps(authenticator.tweak_candidate) {
# Generate a date 2 hours away, format it for
# cookies: Fri 1 Jan 2010 00:00:00 GMT
# An example with minutes
# set expireDate [clock format [clock scan "1 minute"] -format "%a %d %b %Y %T GMT" -gmt 1]
# An example with hours
set expireDate [clock format [clock scan "2 hours"] -format "%a %d %b %Y %T GMT" -gmt 1]
set Wgw_BaseProps(authenticator.cookie_expires) $expireDate
set Wgw_CurrentUser(emitCookieAuthenticator) 1

#Changes text of error message to not reveal details about the error
set Wgw_BaseProps(dispatcher.reveal_error) 0

#Adds support for round trip edit of PDF files, plus the defaults
set Wgw_BaseProps(data.editable_mime_types) {

# Manually setting the files which should not be indexed to add vcd (as an example)
set Wgw_BaseProps(data.exclude_from_indexing) {
exe bin zip z gz gtar tgz tar
gif jpeg jpg jpe tiff tif png ief bmp au snd wav
ra mpeg mpg mpe qt mov avi movie mpga mp2 mp3 ram rpm vcd

# Disables web access to avf-error log files (new in 7.3-526)
set Wgw_BaseProps(dispatcher.access_error_logs) 0

# URL redirect; protocol would be HTTP or HTTPS
set Wgw_BaseProps(dispatcher.force_server_scheme) 1
set Wgw_BaseProps(dispatcher.serverid_script) {
set Wgw_ServerName
set Wgw_ServerPort
set Wgw_ServerScheme

# Set timeout value for waiting for response from mail server
# default is 60 seconds; this sets it to 5 minutes
set Wgw_BaseProps(broker.mailTimeout) 300