10.2.1 system update failing with no system-update.log being created

  • 7006188
  • 03-Jun-2010
  • 30-Apr-2012


ZCM 10.2.1


Completed 10.2.1 update downloaded SLES primary server,
but when the server itself tried to run the update and upgrade to 10.2.1 it
would go to pending then failed with NO system-update.log being created.
It looks like if a connection problem occurs to the database during the
content import process that this can occur.  The external content import process detected the
problem, logged the message

[DEBUG] [9/14/09 6:54:37 PM] [] [ImportContent] [] [[[AC]] Error updating
content object:a8742ec13fed53629ddbb1bce9ddac57] [] []
[ERROR] [9/14/09 6:54:37 PM] [] [ImportContent]
[AddContentHandler.MSG_ADD_CONTENT_FAILURE] [Error while importing content
into the system.] [] [f21b64b2105ae69c883df8fe135e7e23]
[DEBUG] [9/14/09 6:54:37 PM] [] [ImportContent] [] [Failed to update the
content object: a8742ec13fed53629ddbb1bce9ddac57] [] []
[DEBUG] [9/14/09 6:54:37 PM] [] [ImportContent] [] [Done processing:
a8742ec13fed53629ddbb1bce9ddac57] [] []

The content import process then returned that it successfully imported the
content.  This caused the system update process to assume that all was ok, and


Your best option is to delete the update from the system (you may need to do a
zman sudu --force), and redownload or reimport (either from ZCC or from the zip
file will do).  This change to the content system will not fix a system in a
broken state, though it will prevent the update from entering the broken state
again once the update is deleted.