No users can login to GroupWise Messenger

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  • 02-Jun-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Messenger 2


No users can login to GroupWise Messenger.
GroupWise Messenger is using a Global Contact List.
Error: Login failed [0xAE0B]: - DDC: Error writing to the directory
Error: Login failed [0xAD25]: - An LDAP operation was attempted on an invalid object
Error: Login failed [0xAD20]: - LDAP doesn't understand attribute


This issue has been reported to engineering.
This issue can be resolved manually by performing the following steps:

1. Configure the GroupWise Messenger server and the LDAP server to use clear-text LDAP authentication.
2. Start an LDAP trace on the LDAP server.
3. Start a LAN trace on the GroupWise Messenger server. On NetWare, use pktscan and on OES/SLES, use tcpdump.
4. Try and login to GroupWise Messenger as UserA.
5. Open the LDAP trace and search for references to UserA. You will come across a part looking similar to the example below:

3069422496 LDAP: [2010/05/21 11:56:48.784] ( DoModify on connection 0x1a653280
3069422496 LDAP: [2010/05/21 11:56:48.784] ( modify: dn (cn=UserA,o=Novell)
3069422496 LDAP: [2010/05/21 11:56:48.784] ( modifications:
3069422496 LDAP: [2010/05/21 11:56:48.784] (  replace: nnmContactList
2862484384 LDAP: [2010/05/21 11:56:48.869] ( Sending operation result 0:"":"" to connection 0x1949f780
3069422496 LDAP: [2010/05/21 11:56:48.869] ( DDCModifyEntry failed, err = no such value (-602)
3069422496 LDAP: [2010/05/21 11:56:48.869] ( Sending operation result 16:"":"NDS error: no such value (-602)" to connection 0x1a653280

6. Open the LAN trace using Wireshark and search for the error -602. You may want to apply a filter tcp.port==389
7. Open the packet exhibiting the error -602 and click down to the Lightweight-Directory-Access-Protocol information. It will mention the packet it references.
8. Open the referenced packet and open the Lightweight-Directory-Access-Protocol information. Click down to the modification nnmContactList entry and click on the vals entry. Here you should find the name of the problem user.
9. Remove the problem user from the Global Contact List, login to GroupWise Messenger as any user, logout from GroupWise Messenger again and re-add the problem user to the Global Contact list.

Additional Information

This issue has been reported to Development.