How to set up HP-UX to forward syslog to Sentinel Syslog Collector

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  • 01-Jun-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


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Sentinel Syslog Collector not receiving events from HP-UX syslog


UDP 514 is a privileged port on and is recommended to change the port used to by the collector to a free high port.
The following steps can be used for to forward syslog messages on the high port for HP-UX
HPUX does not support syslog on TCP, so a UDP syslog server needs to be added to the Sentinel system

1. In the Sentinel Control Centre, open Event Source Management
2. Add a new Syslog Server
3. Choose a UDP port, but not port 514, change the port to 51414

On the HP-UX Server:
Steps as follows. (These steps presume you have the Syslog Service running on the HP-UX machine)
1.   Log in as root
2.   Go to /etc/syslog.conf

3.   Add a line:  *.info<tab>@<Sentinel Server IP Address>

4.   Save and Close

5.   Go to /etc/services

6.   Find  syslog    514/udp and change it to 51414/udp

7.   Save and Close.

8.   Go to the /etc/hosts file (in case DNS is not configured or temporarily down)

9.   In the Section that your file has for #Linux Servers (Name might differ depending on setup)
      Enter a line:   <Sentinel_Server_IP><tab><Sentinel_Server_FQDN><tab><Sentinel_Server_BIOS_Name<tab>#Sentinel Server

10.  Now execute the following commands
/sbin/init.d/syslogd stop
syslogd -v
kill -HUP `cat /etc/`
/sbin/init.d/syslogd start
Now, open the SCC again, and then go to ESM.
At this stage you should see that a event source connected to the syslog connector
Right click on the server and click on RAW Data Tab.

Log out of the HP-UX Server, and test if you see incoming events if you try to authenticate with a incorrect passwords.
In the RAW Data tab you should see events coming in.