Installing Password Management plug-ins in Mobile iManager 2.5

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  • 25-May-2010
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Novell Identity Manager 3.0
Novell iManager 2.5


Installing Password Management plug-ins in Mobile iManager 2.5
How do I install the IDM 2.0.2 Password Management plug-ins in Mobile iManager
Installing Password Management plug-ins on an iManager 2.5 non-eDirectory server


In order for the password management plug-ins to work, you need to first have the schema extended if it isn't already extended.  You also need to install the .npm iManager plug-in files.  The current installer requires that eDirectory also be installed on the box.  However, with the introduction of Mobile iManager and the ability to run iManager on a non-eDirectory server, do the following:

NOTE:  You may already have the three npm files that you need (See Step 5).  If you have installed NetWare OES or SLES OES or you have installed the latest Password Management 2.0.2 on some server in your tree, the schema has most likely already been extended and you simply need to install the three required npm files.  These three npm's can be found in the %TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps\nps\packages directory on any OES server running iManager 2.5.  If you have these three npm's already, simply install them into Mobile iManager the normal way and you are done.  If you don't have these three npm's, follow the steps below.

Go to our download site ( and type pwd_mgmt_2.0.2_nw_lin_sol.jar into the Keyword search field.and follow the links to download the pwd_mgmt_2.0.2_nw_lin_sol.jar file.  

Open the JAR file with Winzip or some other unzip utility.

1.  Within the pwd_mgmt_2.0.2_nw_lin_sol.jar file, locate and extract the file. is found in the Disk1\InstData directory
2.  Extract the contents of the file to a temporary directory.
3.  Check to see if schema needs to be extended.  By using NDS iMonitor, browse the schema for any nspm* attribute definitions.  If any of these are there, skip to Step 4. If the schema hasn't already been extended, import the following 4 schema files.  For information on how to import schema using a .SCH file, see NOVL101508 - Extending schema on all platforms using a .SCH file

The schema files are found in the extracted file in the PWD_POLICY_INSTALL_ROOT$\components\schema directory.


4.  If schema is already extended, locate the plugins_zg_ia_sf.jar file and extract the contents to another temporary directory. The plugins_zg_ia_sf.jar  file is found in the extracted file in the PWD_POLICY_INSTALL_ROOT$\components\ directory.
5. The necessary NPM's are in the temporary directory  in which the plugins_zg_ia_sf.jar file  was extracted.  

The following npm files need to be installed:


NOTE:  Only these THREE npm's need to be installed for full Universal Password Management.  If you are managing Forgotten Passwords, you will also want to install the ForgottenPassword.npm plug-in as well.  As stated in the iManager documentation, the user self provisioning password portal that can be configured for iManager 2.0.2 is no longer available in iManager 2.5.  You can manage all of the Forgotten Password and Challenge Response rules from an iManager 2.5 server, but the user portal that the users log into must reside on an iManager 2.0.2 server.

Restart Tomcat and you should now have the Passwords Role in iManager. 

If you have an Open Enterprise Server (OES) somewhere in your tree, most likely you will already have the schema extended and the plug-ins installed on that server.  You can simply locate the TOMCAT_HOME\webapps\nps\packages\ directory and grab the required npm files from the OES server and install them instead..

Additional Information

The installer for the password management plug-ins for iManager is a java installer that requires eDirectory be installed locally on the same box.
Formerly known as TID# 10097107
Formerly known as TID# NOVL101501