How to enable the forceMaster switch for iManager 2.5

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  • 25-May-2010
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Novell iManager 2.5


Error -601 trying to modify objects in iManager 2.5
Error -601 during RBS Configuration in iManager 2.5
How to enable the forceMaster switch for iManager 2.5


All NDAP requests (normal eDirectory requests) made from iManager 2.5 to eDirectory occurs the same way that ConsoleOne made requests.  iManager doesn't care which server responds back with the eDirectory information it needs.  Which ever server responds back first, iManager will talk to that server.  However it is possible for iManager requests and responses for a single task to occur to multiple Read/Write servers.  eDirectory is a loosly consistent database.  Therefore, if iManager writes information to one eDirectory and immediately reads that same information from a different server that hasn't received the synchronization change, you may get a number of not found errors (-601, -602, -603).  

NOTE:  This setting has no affect on  LDAP connections make by iManager. 

As a temporary workaround, you can force iManager to read from and write all NDAP information to the server that holds the Master replica of the objects in question. 

There are two ways to accomplish this.  You can make this setting persistent or you can set this for a single session.

Persistent Setting (remains even if you log out of iManager or if you restart Tomcat)

1.  Locate the config.xml file.  It is located in the tomcat\webapps\nps\WEB-INF directory. 

2.  Find the setting called Authenticate.forceMaster.  By default it will be set to false.  Change it to true and save the config.xml file (See example below).

    <![CDATA[ Authenticate.forceMaster  ]]>
    <![CDATA[ true  ]]>

3.  Stop and restart tomcat.

Single Session Setting (Only takes affect for that session only.  Logging out of iManager clears the setting)

NOTE:  The single session setting does not work with Mobile iManager due to the fact that you don't have access to the URL Address line.

1.  Launch a web browser.

2.  Go to http: //<ip_address>/nps/iManager.html

3.  The URL will most likely change to something like https: //<ip_address>/nps/servlet/webacc?taskId=fw.Startup

4.  Do not specify any login information.  At the end of the URL, add the following parameter:   &forceMaster=true

i.e.  https: //<ip_address>/ nps/servlet/webacc?taskId=fw.Startup&forceMaster=true

5.  Hit the Reload button on your browser.  This will basically write that parameter to iManager.

6.  The forceMaster parameter will disappear, but the setting has taken affect.  Login to iManager with your normal credentials and you will be in forceMaster mode for that session.

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