iManager 2.6 Plug-in Information

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  • 25-May-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iManager 2.6


iManager 2.6 Plug-in Information


Currently supported and available on
Archive Versioning Plug-in (arkmgmt.npm)
BorderManager 3.8 Plug-in (bm.npm)
BorderManager 3.8 VPN Plug-in (vpn.npm)
Certificate Server Management Plug-in (pki.npm)
Cluster Services Management Plug-in (ncsmgmt.npm)
*eDirectory Backup and Restore Plug-in (BAndR.npm)
*eDirectory Merge Plug-in (dsmerge.npm)
*eDirectory Repair Plug-in (dsrepair.npm)
*  **eDirectory ICE Plug-in (ICEWiz.npm) - requires *eDirectory Extended Native Libraries Plug-in (eDirExtended.npm)
*eDirectory Extended Native Libraries Plug-in (required for eDirectoryICE Plug-in)
*eDirectory Indexes (indexmanager.npm)
*eDirectory Service Management Plug-in (servicemanager.npm)
*eDirectory SNMP Plug-in (snmp.npm)
*eDirectory WAN Traffic Management Plug-in (wanman.npm)
*eDirectory Encrypted Attributes Plug-in (EA.npm)
*eDirectory Priority Sync Plug-in (PS.npm)
*eDirectory Encrypted Replication Plug-in (ER.npm)
*eDirectory Case Sensitive Plug-in (CSP.npm)
FTP Administration Plug-in (FTPAdmin.npm)
iFolder 3 iManager Plug-in (iFolder3.npm)
iPrint Management Plug-in (iPrint.npm)
*LDAP Management Plug-in (ldap_plugin.npm)
Licensing and Metering Plug-in (nlsplug.npm)
NetStorage Management Plug-in (nsadmin.npm)
NFS Management Plug-in (NFSAdmin.npm)
NFS Gateway Administration Plug-in (NFSGYAdmin.npm)
Novell Modular Authentication Plug-in (nmas.npm)
*Novell Filtered Replica Management Plug-in (RWiz.npm)
Novell Audit 2.0 Plug-in (naudit.npm)
NTP/Timesync Administration Plug-in (NTPTimeSync.npm)
SecretStore Plug-in (secretstore.npm)
SMS Management Plug-in ver 1.1.4 (sms.npm)
Storage Plug-in (nssmgmt.npm)
Utilities for installing NetWare 6.5 Plug-in (WebLook.npm)
ZENworks Certificate Authority (zfsca.npm)
ZENworks Server Management 6.5 Plug-ins (ZFS_PolyDistPlugins.npm)

Currently supported but pending new posted plug-in on
DNS/DHCP Plug-in (dnsdhcp.npm)
Linux User Management Plug-in (LinuxUserManagement.npm)
NetWare Remote Manager Plug-in (monitor.npm)

Not supported

Axis LPR Gateway Configuration Plug-in (AxisLPR.npm)  It will be up to the 3rd party that provides these plug-ins to certify them against iManager 2.6.
QuickFinder Management Plug-in (QFSearch.npm)

Additional Information

This TID documents which plug-ins currently function with iManager 2.6.  The four sections are as follows: 

1.  Currently supported and available on
2.  Currently supported but pending new posted plug-in on - Most of the plug-in in this list are available in the OES SP2 download, which is currently available on the web.
3.  Not yet supported but will be available shortly
4.  Not supported - although these are not supported officially, they still may work. Use at your own risk.

Although there are no dates posted as to the estimated time these plug-ins will be available, it is in Novell's and the customers' best interest that we get these plug-ins posted as soon as possible.

This TID will hold the most up to date information and may be modified as often as daily, so please check back often.
Formerly known as TID# 10099866
Formerly known as TID# NOVL104472