GroupWise 8 Asian address book issue

  • 7006088
  • 24-May-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


Starting with GroupWise 8, Unicode characters are used in the GroupWise address book and in personal address books.  When the GroupWise 8 POA first runs for a post office, it converts the Groupwise address book to the current standard.  When the GroupWise 8 Windows client first accesses a user's mailbox, it converts all personal address books to the current standard.  When you update a POA to GroupWise 8, users with Asian characters in their personal address books must update to the Groupwise 8 Windows client as well.


NOTE: The GroupWise Linux / Mac client has always used Unicode characters, so the Linux / Mac client users do not need to update immediately.
If you use a pre-GroupWise 8 Windows client to access a GroupWise 8 post office, address book entries display correctly, but name completion and searching do not work for these entries when that user updates to GroupWise 8.  The contents check feature of the GroupWise client has been enhanced to repair problems with personal address books that might be introduced by running an older Windows client after a post office has been updated to GroupWise 8.