WebAccess service fails to start on Windows servers

  • 7006080
  • 22-May-2010
  • 06-Jul-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


If you install the WebAccess Agent as a Windows service, reboot the server, and then do a workstation login as an Administrator, the WebAccess Agent service might fail to start.


Option 1:
Make sure that the /ph switch in the WebAccess Agent startup file points to a local drive instead of a UNC representation.
Option 2:
Update to the latest Novell Client.  The Novell Client is available for download from the Novell Downloads Website

Additional Information

Make sure that the WebAccess Agent can run as an application before troubleshooting starting the agent as a service.  This can be done by executing STRTWEB.BAT file that can be found in the same directory as the GWINTER.EXE.