Forge SSL Certificate Error After a Hostname or IP Change

  • 7005991
  • 17-May-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Forge 2.x or Greater


An error is received that an SSL certificate error has occurred after changing the hostname and/or IP address of the Forge appliance after the initial setup of the appliance.
This issue can be reproduced under these circumstances:
Here are the steps which can be taken to reproduce this issue:

1. Perform the initial configuration of the Forge appliance and assign a new hostname.
2. After full configuration of the appliance, reboot the appliance to have all settings committed (hostname).
3. When the appliance comes up, change hostname using the Forge UI.
4. Reboot Forge Appliance to have the hostname change done completely.


1. Log on to console of ESX server with root account or logon via SSH with forgeuser account and type 'su -' for root access.
2. Change directory to "/etc/vmware/ssl: cd /etc/vmware/ssl".
3. Delete the two rui (command syntax: * files: rm -f rui*).
4. Restart the ESX Host daemon (command syntax: service mgmt-vmware restart).
5. Confirm that the ESX server generated new certificate files (command syntax: ls -lah).