Controling visibility of element-bound items in the Layout View

  • 7005957
  • 13-May-2010
  • 26-Jun-2012


Business Service Manager 4.7


There are two ways to control visibility of element-bound items in the Layout View. 
1)  Use the global condition filter
2)  Use the drawing-level element-specific visibility UI in the Layout View palette to control visibility for an element in the current drawing.

Both of these methods end up controlling the same SVG-level attribute of "display" in the drawing. When conflict, the drawing-level visibility filter will override the global condition filter. 
If a user hit a case where he turns off a global filter condition, but the drawing still shows a shape or element in the drawing of that globally-filtered condition,  the case here would be that there may be a drawing-level visibility filter which is overriding the global condition filter which keeps the element visible in the drawing.