What are the Codes that Show Up next to [PWD] on a Remote Loader Active Directory trace

  • 7005938
  • 10-May-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1
Novell Identity Manager Driver - Active Directory


In a level 5 remote loader trace for the Active Directory driver, various codes are reported next to the [PWD]line. Here is an example:
DirXML: [04/21/10 05:57:33.61]: ADDriver: [PWD 644]...
DirXML: [04/21/10 05:57:40.64]: ADDriver: [PWD 1252] ...
Other numbers may show up instead of 644 or 1252.


These are not return codes. There are multiple threads running in AD driver for password synchronization. This number gives the thread id of the calling thread which is retrieved by GetCurrentThreadId() function. This helps to understand the flow of each thread.