Migration of myMO4.5 to myMO4.7 users can't login

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  • 07-May-2010
  • 26-Jun-2012


myMO 4.7
Business Service Manager 4.7


This is a known issue of Liferay 4.2.2 migrating to 5.2.3.
What happens is previous versions of Liferay uses userId to login. The new version gives the user a choice of using userId, screen name, email address, etc. However, such change has to be done after user login to Liferay. After migration, some users happen to see login screen as userId which is now defined as a long integer Id, not as previously defined as a String name id.  So the user cannot login to Liferay using string name id because Liferay expects an integer. And users cannot change login screen option to "screen name" because they are no longer able to login and make changes.
The myMO 4.5 upgrade to 4.7 internally migrates liferay into version 5.2.3.


After migration, before running myMO, run the following script to change the ~mymo/data/hsql contents.
# verify if the hsql data correct or need modificaiton

if [ ! -f "$Destfile"]
echo $Destfile does not exist, exiting
echo  please make sure this is run under mymo installation dir

if [ ! -f "$Srcfile"]
echo backing up to $Srcfile
mv $Destfile $Srcfile

sed s/userId/screenName/ $Srcfile > $Destfile

echo completed processing $Destfile
After restarting myMO, users can see login screen as "screen name" and thus enter string id to login.

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