Two different behaviors of "Exclude from impact reporting" checkbox

  • 7005918
  • 06-May-2010
  • 26-Jun-2012


Business Service Manager 4.5


There was different requirements for the behavior of "Exclude from impact reporting" checkbox.
Scenario #1: "Show Impacted" report is wanted to show the impacting path to the element
Scenario #2:  The whole impacting path not wanted to be shown in the "Show Impacted" report.


Add a property "Server.showImpacted.Inherit=true" into to indicate if the "Exclude from impact
reporting(Show Impacted)" checkbox should be inherited by all children. When this checkbox is not checked, all the impacted elements would be showed in "All Parents for xxx". When an element should be excluded (checked) and Server.showImpacted.Inherit=false, "Show Impacted" will show its parents up to the element with this checkbox checked. When an element is wanted to be excluded and Server.showImpacted.Inherit=true, the whole impacting path won't be showed as
long as there is an element on the path has this checkbox checked. It behaves like the checkedbox inherited down the branch.