Createservice Failed

  • 7005847
  • 27-Apr-2010
  • 06-Jun-2013


Windows 2008 SP 2
GroupWise 8.0.1


  • Customer installing MTA and POA onto a Windows 2008 server sees the following error during configuration: "CreateserviceA Failed".
  • Similar error messages may be "Createservice() Failed", where the () maybe another letter.
  • Install files are copied into the desired directory.
  • No errors are reported into the Windows Event Viewer.
  • Installing as a Admin equivalent user.


Updated June 6th 2013 - A fix is available in GroupWise 2012.

During the install process, the installation prompts to install as a local system account or a Windows user account.  Create a local account and install using it.  At this point, the install and configuration of the GroupWise Agent(s) should finish.  Changing the running user from the local user to the Windows user account, after the install and configuration is finished, will still allow the GroupWise Agent(s) to run correctly if it a local account is not desired.

Additional Information

Please ensure that the Windows 2008 is R2 with the latest Support Pack.
At the time that this TID was written, GroupWise 8.0.1 Hot Patch 1 was the latest code release from Novell.
It may be possible that when executing the setup for the GroupWise Agent install, to right click the executable and select "Run as Administrator", but can not be guarantee that it will work.