Please configure a private IP address before configuring the Proxy services

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  • 27-Apr-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell BorderManager 3.9 Support Pack 2


When trying to configure Novell BorderManager 3.9 in iManager, a pop-up comes with  "Please configure a private IP address before configuring the Proxy services" error and proxy services can not be configured.
Server was working fine till a config.xml file from another BorderManager server was imported.


On BorderManager there are two options to save proxy configuration and access rules configuration.

1. For proxy configuration is on the Bordermanager/Proxy services, backup button
2. For access control rules is on Bordermanager/Access rules, backup button

Both files are created with the same name, config.xml but one contains the proxy settings and the other one the access rules. To restore this files on another server, the right procedure has to be followed:

1. To restore proxy settings, use the restore button on the bordermanager/proxy services
2. To restore access rules, use the restore button on the bordermanager/access rules

In this case, customer restored the config.xml containing the access rules info thru the bordermanager/proxy services, causing the erase of the proxy settings, including ip addresses hence the pop-up with the error.
The best way to fix it is going thru console 1, bm server object, properties, other tab and delete this attributes:

- BRDSRVS: Proxy configbackup xml
- BRDSRVS: Proxy config current xml
- BRDSVR: Proxy templat xml
- BRDSRV: private addr list
- BRDSRV: public addr list

Then run fillattr at server console:

Usage:   fillattr <host name> <login dn> <password> <server dn> <search base dn>

Example: fillattr cn=admin,o=Acme secret cn=example-bm,o=Acme o=acme

After that, you will be able to configure bm addresses again but you will get another error:

"Invalid proxy configuration: Cache directories are not configured"  and "Caching directory has to be specified"

To fix this issue:

 1. iManager/BorderManager/proxy services, select bm object then the backup button to save proxy configuration to a file (config.xml)
2. open the file with wordpad and search for the section:
<CacheLocation CacheDirectory
Then add there the info for the current cache volumes/directory. For example, on my setup i've got 2 volumes configured as cache and cache2 on the /cache directory on both so my section looks like:
<CacheLocation CacheDirectory="/CACHE" NumberOfDirectories="128">
                            <Volume Name="CACHE:" />
                            <Volume Name="cache2:" />
Replace the volume names with the appropriates.
Save the file and go to imanager/bordermanager/proxy services and use the restore button to import this modified file.
After that load bm modules and check that everything is fine. To verify that cache volumes are properly  used, check screen proxycfg and then option 1on the server.

Now bm will be fully configurable thru iManager.

Additional Information

A defect has been opened to change the name of the config.xml so proxy creates a config-proxy while access rules creates a config-access, to avoid confusion or by mistake importing the wrong one.