How to troubleshoot patch DAU upload problems

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  • 26-Apr-2010
  • 15-Jan-2016


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


Patch download is working and device can run DAU sucessfully, but no patches found for device in ZCC/Device Details/Patches tab.


  1. Check whether there is a *.state file on the device (ZENWORKS_HOME\zpm).
  2. Check whether there are *.plr files on the device (ZENWORKS_HOME\zpm).
  3. If there is a .state file but no plr file, the plr was uploaded to the server (debug zmd-messages.log will log file upload attempts, and the services-messages on the server will have the upload attempts.).
  4. Test whether copying the .state file to a .plr and putting it onto the server in collections\patchlink directory manually causes the file to be integrated into the database -- make sure you set permissions for linux to do this test.  At this point, the plr file on the server should be removed after the loader process handles it.  This process is loaded by AddPatchlinkAnalyzeReporting.xml.  Note: the default setting for read interval is 2 seconds.
  5. Check services-messages.log for file upload problems, and loader-messages.log for plr processing problems.