iManager LUM Plugin returns -609 error attempting to LUM enable users with missing uniqueID attribute

  • 7005814
  • 21-Apr-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Linux
Novell iManager 2.7


When attempting to LUM enable existing users that do not have a uniqueID attribute, iManager Linux User Management (LUM) plugin fails with a -609 error.


This can be fixed bymanuallyadding a value for theuniqueIDattribute using iManager or any other user modification tool.  The default value for theuniqueID attribute when a user is created by iManager (or later versions of ConsoleOne) is the same value as the CN attribute.  Once theuniqueID attribute is present, the LUM plugin will properly LUM enable a user object.

Alternately, you can use
namuseraddto LUM enable a user object that is missing theuniqueIDattribute.

This will be fixed in the next release of the LUM plugin, which is slated to be version 2.3.<date>.