Is there a way to identify troubled GMS accounts ?

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  • 21-Apr-2010
  • 10-Dec-2013


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There might be often a situation when a performance of a GMS server slows down due to one or more GMS accounts that might have various problems. This impacts the rest of GMS users.


Steps to find out and identify troubled GMS accounts that could cause a performance decrease of your GMS server:
1. Start web browser and hit WebDiag page of your GMS server. This is http://<gms>/diag and afterwards login in using admin credentials.
2. Click on Wireless Email link from home diag site. The link name might vary from GMS version / platform. It is 3rd item under Cluster Wide Settings section and shall bring you into new page with several links - All Accounts on the top.
3. The link "PreLoader Queue Status" shows you what your GMS server currently does. The Thread Pool Queue lists users with parts of their GMS mailbox that needs to be synced. Under normal conditions you will see tasks of top user being processed and then a user will be removed from the list.
4. Return back and click next on Oustanding Locks. Here you will see users that allocated GMS server resources for processing a sync. Each user by default gets resources allocated up to 1 hour. Good working account will need much shorter time to process a sync request and then resources are returned back to a system. You can keep hitting F5 to refresh the site and to see what accounts are processed. Shall you see that one or more accounts do stay on this site longer time - several minutes up to the max of 1 hour, then you can suspect that there is any sync problems with their mailboxes. If these resources are allocated for 10-20 minutes or more on the same account, then there is less available for processing next, queued GMS user requests.  
5. If the account is listed on Locks report site for let us say more than 5-10 minutes, you can have a look what part of GMS mailbox causes the sync problem. Yo will need to write down the account name and copy the Key string showed aside the listed account. This string corresponds to a GMS database that cause a sync problems.
6. Return to Wireless  Email link and click on All Accounts link. This displays a list of all your GMS accounts. Find the troubled account you identified from Locks Report site and click on the account name link.
7. Scroll down on he user details page to the "Personal Folders" section. Here you will see what parts of GMS mailbox are included in a sync process. Note that each item has in brackets a hex string - this is a GMS database that corresponds to that mailbox item. Shall you see on any item version set in -1, this means that item was never successfully synced. For instance if in a Contacts line a version shows -1, then these were never synced.
8. Now, since you still have a HEX string of the troubled key from step 5, we are going to use it. Stay in details of GMS account page and find out Device Diagnostics web link on that site. After you click on it, there will be GroupWise account link and bellow his associated mobile device link. Start first with the GroupWise account link. Use Find option of the web browser and search for the key string from the step 5. If there is a match, it will tell you what part of the GroupWise / GMS account failed to sync. Now you know where to look at an try to fix troubled part so this account does not allocate extensively GMS resources during his sync cycle.
If there is no match on Groupwise account web link, then click on associated user device link and repeat the search on that site. Shall you find the key on that site, then you know what part from a user mobile phone tries to sync but fails and allocates GMS resources for longer time.
There is no general advise how to resolve all possible listed items from this troubleshooting but at least gives you an idea whether there is any user(s) behind a performance decrease. If there is more than one user listed on Locks Report site listed that belong to one particular PO, then you can have a look whether there is any comms issue between this PO and GMS server. This explains that comms troubles of one PO can bring down entire sync process.
Shall a problem be related to one user and you decide to reset or delete his GMS account, remember that at first the user must uninstall the Intellisync client from his mobile device and check / remove any left GMS data. Then you can reset his account from WebDiag page and or delete it.
Note also, that it is highly recommended to create new account of that user using WebPIM interface. This option enables you to set several configuration settings of new GMS account that are not available via a mobile phone.