VM crash exporting certificates from Admin Console

  • 7005785
  • 20-Apr-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Manager 3.1 Windows Administration Console Server
Windows 2003 server


Administrator exporting a trusted root certificate from "Access Manager” -> “certificates” -> Trusted Roots tab". After selecting an existing trusted root from the list e.g. “configCA”, the option “Export Public Certificate” -> click on “PEM file” was executed. Without waiting the administrator clicked on “PEM Cut/Paste Buffer”. No further operations could be performed in the Admin Console as the JVM crashed, bringing Tomcat and iManager down.


Wait for a few seconds before clicking the “PEM Cut/Paste Buffer”.

When we do the click on the “Export Public Certificate” link of a Trusted Root and select the “PEM file”, it takes some time to get PEM file downloaded in Windows. If the administrator goes and immediately clicks the “PEM Cut/Paste Buffer” option and/or "DER File", we may execute the operation before file actually gets downloaded and cause the JVM to crash.

 This does not occur in the Linux version as the PEM (or DER) file gets downloaded immediately without giving us chance to click on other links like "PEM Cut/Paste Buffer" or "DER File".

Additional Information

Will also happen with Windows 2008 servers (and Access Manager 3.1.2).