Clear iPrint Client credential after Windows log off

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  • 15-Apr-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


After a Windows log off and logon, the user credentials from the previous authenticated user are still in effect, even though a different user logged onto the Windows workstation.
If your workstation setup adheres to these conditions: 
  • Windows workstation is accessed by multiple people
  • Windows user name is the same for each person
  • eDirectory user name is different for each person
    • or
    • Users only do a 'workstation only' login and do not log into the directory.
  • Secure iPrint printing is used on the workstation
then the iPrint credentials are retained after each Windows log off.  This model undermines the intent of SSL enabling iPrint printers.  This document shows how to force the iPrint client to clear the iPrint credentials after each Windows log off.


Install the iPrint Client for Windows 5.40 or later.  This iprntcmd option is available with the 5.40 client and later.
Clear the password cached by the iPrint client.  This can be accomplished by one of two methods:
Method 1: Manual
Run "iprntcmd -c" at a CMD prompt between log off / logon.
Method 2: Automated

Set "iprntcmd -c" to be run as a log off script by following these steps:

  1. Click Start -> Run -> type 'mmc' -> click OK.
  2. Choose: File -> Add/Remove Snap In -> Add... -> Choose 'Group Policy Object Editor' -> Add -> Finish -> Close -> OK
  3. Expand the "Console Root" folder -> double-click 'Local Computer Policy'
  4. Expand 'User Configuration' -> Highlight 'Scripts (Logon/Logoff) -> double-click 'Logoff' -> click 'Add'
    • For 'Script Name', enter iprntcmd
    • For 'Script Parameters' enter -c
  5. Click OK, Click OK