Control Center failing to synchronize: SQL Error: Server 'Machinename' is not configured for RPC.

  • 7005750
  • 30-Apr-2012
  • 21-May-2012


NetIQ AppManager Control Center 7.0.x
NetIQ AppManager Control Center 8.0.x


The following errors are seen in the CQSLog.txt:
3/15/2012 13:38:58.753: [MESSAGE] [Assembly=NQCQS; Method=NetIQ.CQS.CQSService.WriteEventLog ThreadID=70] : SyncEventsAndServerObjects: SyncComputerEvent Servername.QDB failed. SQL Error: SyncComputerEvent: call to CC_SyncComputerEvent failed for Servername.QDB. SQL Error: Server 'Servername' is not configured for RPC., Error type = 'Error', event ID = '999'
3/15/2012 13:38:58.972:  [EXCEPTION] [Assembly=NQCQS; Method=NetIQ.CQS.CQSService.ExceptionHandling ThreadID=61]
Message=SyncCCComponents: Error executing CC_SyncCCComponents procedure for DataSource Servername.QDB. SQL Error: Server 'Servername' is not configured for RPC.
Source=.Net SqlClient Data Provider
StackTrace=   at NetIQ.ControlCenter.NQSQLCommandBase.Execute()
at NetIQ.CQS.SyncThread.RunCommand(String command, Int32 commandID)
The following DTC error is seen in the DTC logs:
eventid=TRANSACTION_PROPOGATION_FAILED_CONNECTION_DOWN_FROM_REMOTE_TM ;tx_guid=1c74d20f-f433-476d-85a0-997a5982eb3a     ;"TM Identifier='(null)'" ;"failed to propogate transaction to child node 'Servername' because the connection with the remote transaction manager went down"


Verify the following ports are opened and are allowed through the firewall.
Open 135              RPC EPM (end point mapper)
Open 1433            TDS SQL traffic when using TCP/IP
Open 5100-5200   MSDTC [Dynamically assigned a port by the EPM]


This is caused by the DTC configuration and communication within the environment. This condition occurs frequently when operating within a distrubuted environment where firewalls can exist between the AppManager Repository (QDB) and the Control Center Database.