Insufficient rights message attempting to manage iPrint on Linux

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  • 14-Apr-2010
  • 08-Nov-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux on Open Enterprise Server 2 Support Pack 1
Novell iPrint for Linux on Open Enterprise Server 2 Support Pack 2


The Drivers tab is missing when managing printer through iManager.
After applying the novell-iprint-server-6.2.20100312-0.6.1, the following messages are displayed even though the authenticate user has sufficient rights to manage the print manager.

https://<IPorDNS>/psmstatus returns the following after authentication:
You have insufficient rights to access this page.  You must be logged in as a manager of this iPrint Manager object.

iManager -> iPrint -> Manage Print Manager shows the status as Down and clicking the Printer Agents tab returns the following message:
You have insufficient rights for this task.
To determine which version novell-iprint-server RPM is currently installed, type:
rpm -qa novell-iprint-server


This is resolved in the latest novell-iprint-server RPM which is available in the channel.  Apply novell-iprint-server-6.x.20100805 or later.
Workaround: Restart the Print Manager
Restarting the Print Manager (rcnovell-ipsmd restart) will cause the problem to temporarily go away.  Some report the problem will return within hours, others report the problem will return within days.

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