DHCP Migration not migrating multi-valued options correctly

  • 7005738
  • 14-Apr-2010
  • 29-Oct-2013


Novell DHCP
Novell DHCP Management Console
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 1


When migrating DHCP from a NetWare server to a SLES OES2 SP1, only the first value of a multivalued DHCP option shows under it's subnet. Same behavior in both iManager and DNS/DHCP Management Console.


As part of the migration, an extra space was being added after the comma in a comma-separated list of multi-valued options. This would cause the 'space' to be interpreted as a value, and everything after to not be interpreted by iManager or DNS/DHCP Management Console. The problem is with the /opt/novell/migration/dhcpmigration/migdhcp.pl script. This has been reported to engineering.

Additionally, there will not be a problem if the target server is running OES2 SP2 instead of OES2 SP1.

Additional Information

An example of a potential multi-valued option would be domain-name-servers, where it may have multiple IPs.

This is ONLY a problem on OES2 SP1. OES2 SP2 does not have this issue.