ERROR: Warning- Failed- error rc = 0x8209 , when running Gwcheck with storelowercase option

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  • 11-Apr-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8


GroupWise migration from NetWare to Linux

One of the steps during GroupWise Post office migration from NetWare to Linux is to run Gwcheck with "storelowercase" option. There are errors reported during the gwcheck operation.

Warning- Failed- error rc = 0x8209 

The error means that the database was not found by the Post office. However, gwcheck does not provide the name of the database not found.


The error can be ignored.However, if you would like to verify then do the steps below:

Compare the files under post_office/ofuser and post_office/ofmsg with the output from Gwcheck. Make sure that there are no additional databases in the above mentioned folders, when compared with the output of Gwcheck

Additional Information

Gwcheck with storelowercase option is always run after the case for the database names have been changed for the databases in the Post Office. Gwcheck runs the storelowercase option in an ascending order. Even though the name of the database is not mentioned on the error. You can line above the error for the last good entry. Have the files names sorted in the message or user databases and check if you can see any file name between the 2 normal entries in Gwcheck output.


Adopted puef0301.db store=32441089                                             


          Warning- Failed- error rc = 0x8209                                   

Adopted puf00201.db store=32506369    

Check for any filenames between puef301.db and puf00201.db