Issues Fixed in Designer 3.5.1

  • 7005679
  • 06-Apr-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Identity Manager - Designer 3.5.1
Build id: 20100301


Below is the list of all fixes that went into Designer 3.5.1

To download the Designer 3.5.1 update, the following link is available on the Designer for Identity Manager web site:

You can also update your 3.5 version of designer by going under the Help menu and click on Check for Designer Updates.


Fixes Issues in Designer 3.5.1

Bug #

Bug Title


Not using same icons for state on resources and collectionsIcons for Resources and Collections that display state are now correct.


Performance over VPN is unacceptable - communication with server is too verboseSignificant performance improvement over VPN in areas such as Authentication, eDirectory browsing, and network access


RCP: File Menu should display the recently opened projects, files etc.

Added the reopening functionality to the RCP


Deploy fails with erroneous -641 error when driver is Disabled and has Job configuration

When the driver is deployed it no longer throws the erroneous -641 error message.  It does give a warning that the driver is disabled.


Integration Activity is not passing the values of arg2 for a startThe Integration Activity is now passing the values.


Launch problem on SLED 11
With this patch, Designer will install on SLED 11 and will launch properly on SLED 11


Welcome Page - Web Resources - Training and Forum links are not working
These links have been updated.


Welcome page-> Web resources-> Download-> Designer Builds: Designer's latest release, milestone and nightly builds should be changed.
The words have now changed to mention monthly instead of nightly builds.


Driver Policy Simulation is not working
Policy and Driver simulation got fixed in this new upgrade.  Simulator will not process from one policy to the next.


Form Preview does not display all of the form
The form preview screen now displays correctly


RBE Membership Criteria - TYPE the name of the attribute does not allow to select the comparison operator from drop-down list.
The attribute field is now read-only.


Role request/resource request fails for Standard approval with the approval type as Quorum
Designer now deploys properly with the correct values.


Documentation: Process Type description in the help document is incorrect
Documentation has been updated.


Resource Binding Activity docs is missing in documentation
The Help section is now available in Designer for Identity Manager > Designer User Application Components > Workflow Activity Reference


Role-Based Entitlement Policy Editor
AND conditions and OR conditions are now imported properly from iManager.


IDM Remedy driver preconfig is not setup properly
The xsl file has been updated with values for two variables that were previously missing.


"Unresolved driver set global variables" warning thrown for existing GCVs when a driver config is imported
This issue was fixed giving a warning only if either a certain GCV could not be imported or a GCV already exists.


Page Not Found Links
Some links in the Designer documentation were not working, these are now fixed.


Deployment of Entitlement Policies fails
By default for the property of identity vault the Secure LDAP channel is now set to true and if at anytime the LDAP channel is set to false a proper message is logged.


Deploy/Compare Issues: DN formats in policies causing issues
Designer will now deploy and import properly when policies have absolute DN paths.


Deploy allows Jobs object without Notification template reference to be deployed successfully
Warning message is now produced with a Job's template gets deleted.


Back Up Page Dialog has a typo error
Error message has been corrected


DOC: Outline that there is 'Resource Request Activity' yet it does not exist
The Deigner guide no longer outlines the 'Resource Request Activity'.


Designer update is prompting for 2 updates
Two updates are available for 3.5  One for Provisioning and one for IDM.


Whats new update need for Form preview opening in browser
What's New page has been updated.


Set destination attribute value action does not add type="string" to the value
Designer now adds the appropriate xml attribute including other xml attributes that were discovered during fix.


The splash screen Pre-release version has to be removed
Splash screen has been updated and pre-release information has been removed.