LDAP SSL connection to Windows 2008 server does not work.

  • 7005673
  • 06-Apr-2010
  • 21-May-2013


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 1
Microsoft Windows Server 2008


GroupWise Post office set up for LDAP authentication via SSL cannot authenticate to Microsoft Windows 2008 server configured for SSL LDAP requests.
It gives LDAP error 65535.


A fix was put into GroupWise 2012 for this issue.


Running as a service, access to the ldap cert, the client server ssl certificate and key file could fail if the ConsoleOne ssl configuration specifies the name of the file only.

Additional Information

Try running the POA as an application on a dos prompt and see if it makes any difference, or if any additional information is given.

All the ssl certificate or key files are supposed to be placed in the executable directory.