Unable to update ZCM

  • 7005661
  • 06-Apr-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 3 - 10.3
Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 2 - 10.2


After updating the first primary ZCM server to 10.3 a second primary or Satellite may not update to 10.3.  In ZCC configuration system update the device displays as assigned update.
Zmd-messages.log reports the following error.
Error:  [WebService] [] [Protocol error from server: No enum const class com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.objects.zoneconfig.ClosestServers$ServerType.Authentication] [] []


  1. From a Primary server that has been successfully patched to 10.3. Copy the file initial-web-service from %ZENWORKS_HOME%\conf on Linux /etc/opt/novell/zenworks .
  2. Change the localhost reference in the initial-web-service file to the actual address of the 10.3 server.  This will allow the agent to talk https to the 10.3 server for it's configuration information as well as any future communication required for the update to complete.
  3. Make sure permissions are set correctly on Linux by running
    chown zenworks:zenworks/etc/opt/novell/zenworks/initial-web-service
  4. Clear the cache by running zac cc
  5. Refresh the agent with zac ref  

At this point the update should begin, if it has been assigned.

Additional Information

If, for any reason, the agent cache is corrupted or cleared on a 10.2.2 server after the schema has been updated to 10.3, the agent will lose it's ability to communicate with the zone.  The agent will not get it's configuration information (closest server rules), assignments, etc. and subsequently will not update the 10.2.2 server to 10.3.