ZLM Mirroring Hot Patch catalog for rhel-4-x86_64 / rhel-5-x86_64 always downloads some packages

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  • 06-Apr-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management - ZLM7.2
Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management - ZLM7.3


When downloading ZLM 7.x HPx packages for rhel-4-x86_64 / rhel-5-x86_64 platforms, re-mirroring the Hot Patch (HP) will re-download the *-32 bit packages every time ZLMMIRROR is re-initiated.


This has not been fixed due to large overhead involved in patching process for HPes and moreover the re-mirroring of these 3/4 packages (-32bit) has no functional impact.
Workaround is to exclude these packages in the mirror configuration file (zlmmirror.conf, potential switches to use: ExcludeBundle, ExcludePackage, see documentation for usage details), after the HP bundle is mirrored the first time.  Going forward it is expected to not see the HPes between ZLM7.3 IR1, IR2, and future IRx releases, so no functional impact once IR1 installed.  Re-mirroring of these packages from the ZLM HP channel for rhel-4-x86_64 / rhel-5-x86_64 platform should not be a major concern since packages are mirrored per HP release and mostly frozen after that.

Additional Information

ZLM 7.2 IR1 HP5

When re-mirroring rhel-4-x86_64 catalogs from the update.novell.com channels the following 3 packages are always re-downloaded:


ZLM 7.3 Hot Patches
When mirroring rhel-5-x86_64 catalogs from the update.novell.com channels keeps downloading 4 packages:
Catalog "ZLM73-Hot-Patch" has xx packages to download.
Bundle "ZLM73-Hot-Patch-bundle" (catalog "ZLM73-Hot-Patch") has 4 files to download.
   Downloading xx out of xx packages "compat-libstdc++-33-32bit 3.2.3-63 rhel-5-x86_64 (i386)", file size: 230.304 KB (235,831 bytes)  [==========]
   Downloading xx out of xx packages "novell-zenworks-zislnx-32bit 7.3.1-0.0.0 rhel-5-x86_64 (i586)", file size: 30.687 KB (31,423 bytes)  [==========]
   Downloading xx out of xx packages "novell-zenworks-zmglibs-32bit 7.3.1-0.0.0 rhel-5-x86_64 (i586)", file size: 1.524 MB (1,598,459 bytes)  [==========]
   Downloading xx out of xx packages "novell-zenworks-zmgweb-32bit 7.3.1-0.0.0 rhel-5-x86_64 (i586)", file size: 21.084 KB (21,590 bytes)  [==========]
Adding packages for target "rhel-5-x86_64" to bundle "/Bundles/Novell/ZLM/7.3/RH5/ZLM73-Hot-Patch-bundle"
There are only a few packages in the ZLMHotPatch catalogs (say ZLM72IR1-Hot-Patch 1 or ZLM72IR1-Hot-Patch 2 ) that are published in the update.novell.com with the rpm (package) name having "-32bit" in the filename and their metadata not containing "-32bit" (run pkg_to_xml on the rpm file).  For example, the rpm file
"novell-zenworks-zmgexplorer-32bit-7.2.2-0.0.0.i586.rpm" has -32bit in the filename in the remote repo server, but on the non-rhel systems when running pkg_to_xml for this rpm file the file name with "-32it" is clipped from the name and is stored in the local ZLM database.  So, because of this behavior, while mirroring for some of the rhel targets (say rhel-4as-x86_64 ) in the non-rhel systems, the -32bit packages get re-downloaded every time the packages are mirrored because of the difference between the names in the local ZLM database and the remote repo server file name.
Note:  "compat-libstdc++-33-32bit", ++ is a regular expression so needs to be escaped in the ExcludePackage tag:  compat-libstdc\+\+-33.*
         <User>User ID Removed</User>
         <Password>Password Removed</Password>
         <User>User ID Removed</User>
         <Password>Password Removed</Password>
See ZLM 7.3 documentation for detailed information on regular expressions.