ERRMSG: "An unexpected error has occurred" Please click here to go to the dashboard

  • 7005644
  • 05-Apr-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Forge


When attempting to configure any workload or any existing contract you receive the following error in the Forge UI:


"We are sorry, an unexpected error has occurred.Please click here to goto the dashboard."



This error can occur if default network names assigned to network port groups ESX server are changed in ESX configuration.


Open "web.config" file located at "D:\Program Files\PlateSpin Forge\Web " and l ocate for the following lines:


    <add key="protectionDefaults.FailoverNetwork" value="Production Network" />

    <add key="protectionDefaults.TestFailoverNetwork" value="External Test Network " />

    <add key="protectionDefaults.PrepareForFailoverNetwork" value="Internal Test Network" />

    <add key="protectionDefaults.ReplicationNetwork" value="Replication Network" />

    <add key="protectionDefaults.WorkloadInventoryNetwork" value="Production Network" />


Notice that the value="" section has the name of the network port group configured in the ESX server. These values must match the names of network port groups in ESX configuration .

Make the necessary changes in the web.config file and restart the management vm.