Identity manager tasks show as grayed out after upgrading modules into RBS

  • 7005586
  • 02-Apr-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager iManager Plug-ins
Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1
Novell iManager 2.7.3


After installing the IDM plugins into iManager and going to "Role Based Services Configuration" to install the modules into RBS, the result is that many of the tasks end up displayed as grayed out in the Identity Manager Administrator link and not displayed at all in the Roles and Tasks view, even entering iManager as Collection Owner Access.

These tasks are not displayed in the "Tasks unavailable" view.

It is not always consistent which tasks will not be displayed. Sometimes "Identity Manager Overview" will not be available, other times this one will be the only one available. Another task that is often affected is the "NDS-to-NDS Driver Certificates" one.

Another symptom observed when hitting this problem is that right after installing the IDM plug-in and importing it into RBS, the update will hang indefinitely trying to install the plug-in. If you hit on stop, the operation seems to have completed correctly, but it normally is a symptom that some tasks will not be displayed.


The issue has been reported to engineering and is currently being analyzed. At this stage it's not clear whether the problem affects only the Identity Manager plug-ins or if the issue can affect other plug-ins as well.

One of the possible workarounds to this issue is to attempt to re-create the Role Based Services collection. To do so, go to Role Based Services | Role Based Service configuration, mark the existing collection and select the Delete link.

Once deleted, iManager will default back to Unrestricted Access mode and in this mode all tasks should be available. If even in this mode all tasks are not available, then most likely the plug-in failed to install properly and it would be advisable to re-install it.

Once the tasks are working properly, a new collection will display all tasks correctly.

Another possible workaround is to configure an iManager instance (it could be an instance of iManager workstation) to access the server in Unrestricted Mode. To do so you need to configure the parameter RBS.forceUnrestricted in the config.xml file of the Tomcat server and restart Tomcat. Check section 2.3 in the iManager documentation for more information on how to set this parameter.


Reported to Engineering