How do I renew my Novell Log Manager 1.0 license?

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  • 01-Apr-2010
  • 11-Jun-2013


Novell Log Manager 1.0


After ninety days the evaluation license of Novell Log Manager 1.0 expires.  To continue using the product a valid activation code must be entered.


Because the product is disabled the web interface is not available to enter the new license.  To enter the credential for a full version of Novell Log Manager a script must be executed from the command line. This script is named '' and is located in the application's 'bin' directory as of Novell Log Manager 1.0 HF 4 and later.

Before the HF 4 patch the script did not exist and had to be copied from another product (such as Novell Sentinel RD).  The script should be executed as the user which owns the Novell Log Manager instance ('novell' by default).  Subsequent versions of the product will come with this script by default.

Additional Information

The script allows for a primary and secondary key to be entered.  Either one can be used with the new credential, though if the old credential (the Primary credential by default) is expired replacing it is the best option vs. adding a second credential to the system.