How to Inventory a Novell Netware Server in Recon

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  • 29-Mar-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


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Procedure to Inventory a Novell Netware Server


1. When you choose to Inventory a Novell Netware server you must change the Inventory tab to ‘Novell NetWare’.

2. There are 2 credentials that have to be entered here.

a) The ‘Credentials for Inventory’  Novell NetWare credentials in the format of (Context.Username) [This will not work with standard Novell NetWare credential format of “”]
b) The ‘Launch inventory process as user’  Windows credentials local to the Recon server that will be used to access Novell NetWare Client and it’s DLLs.

3. When entering Novell NetWare credentials in the following window, the ‘Username’ has to be (Context.Username) as stated above and the access of this account can be validated by having the customer connect to the Novell NetWare server with the Novell NetWare client and using these credentials and connect to the following share of that server:


4. When entering the ‘Launch inventory process as user’ credentials in the following window the ‘Username’ must be in the ‘hostname\username’ or ‘domain\username’ format. There have been rare instances where simply user the 'username' format instead of 'hostname\username' has also made a successful connection.

Note: When entering the ‘hostname\username’ credentials here the localhost MUST be the actually hostname and not ‘localhost’ as it will fail validation.

Also note that the credentials entered will need to be explicitly added to the following Local Policies on the Recon server - adding the group the user is a member of will not be sufficient:

-          Act as part of Operating System
-          Create Token Object
-          Replace process level token

Additional Information

HF1 must be applied before proceeding with the Novell Netware inventory with Recon 3.5. Recon 3.6 and higher have the fix updated.