Refresh inventory/Monitoring fails for Linux/Unix machines if they were originally inventoried by CSV

  • 7005554
  • 29-Mar-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Recon 3.6
PlateSpin Recon 3.6.1
PlateSpin Recon 3.7.0
PlateSpin Recon 3.7.1


This article outlines how to resolve the following error when attempting to refresh details or start monitoring Linux/Unix machines that were inventoried using a CSV file.

Credentials validation failed for root: SSH authentication failed. Access is denied


To resolve this issue, attach the correct credentials to the Linux machines using the Recon Credentials manager.

  1. Click the 'Tools' Menu
  2. Select 'Credentials Manager' 
  3. Expand the list on the left-hand side to select all affected machines
  4. Enter the appropriate credentials on the right-hand side
  5. Click 'OK'

Refreshing inventory and monitoring should now function.