Installing ConsoleOne on Windows 7

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  • 25-Mar-2010
  • 27-Mar-2017


Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6
Novell Client 2.0 sp1 for Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7


The following is displayed whilst installing ConsoleOne on Windows 7:

You have Novell Client version lower than 4.91 installed

For the proper functioning of ConsoleOne.  Novell Client 4.91 or higher version is required.
Exiting ConsoleOne Installation.


ConsoleOne is not supported on Windows 7, for anything other than GroupWise administration.  The correct build of ConsoleOne is the one that is included with the GroupWise Messenger 3.03 or later, available at

It is also suggested that if the GroupWise system is running on a Linux server, that ConsoleOne be installed and run from that server.  There is the possibility of database corruption when running ConsoleOne from a Windows box accessing GroupWise on the Linux server.  

Also running ConsoleOne on any Windows server build newer than Server 2008 seems to be problematic and since it is no longer supported there will not be any fixes for these newer Windows versions.

Additional Information

The 'Windows Classic' theme must be selected for ConsoleOne to render correctly.